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Understanding Millennials & NextGen Workforce in Accounting Teams

A short quick summary of Mariam Riza's discussion today (20/08/2019) to CPA Australians' La Trobe University Finance Team on

"Understanding #Millennials & GenZ Workforce in Accounting Teams"

How considering socio-economic life-cycles, industry prosperity, & technological adoption form reasonable indicators to why the specific generations think & act as they do.

  1. Genuinely understand & empathise with all the generations at work by building businesses for the future, by counter-balancing generational needs & interests.

  2. Seeking out insights, personalities & skill sets that complement each other for peer mentoring & cross group pairing.

  3. Empowering peer support & development at grassroots funnel-down level enables effective implementation in top down hierarchy-heavy organisations to foster better empathy & engagement.

  4. The world without labels & boundaries - impact messaging, social engagement & true inclusion communicated in channels & medium relevant to audience in mind.

  5. Wattleshire 's SSDST Model © on the five elements of #nextgeneration employee engagement.

Amazing audience & feedback.

We love the work we do at #wattleshire because it is truly about simplifying the bigger picture. Thank you.

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